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How to make your own cider

Making your own cider is fun, easy and an activity for all the family.

It really is an adventure, finding suitable trees, getting permission to pick (or pank: the technical term), washing, chipping and pressing your fruit, and then fermenting and of course drinking.

There are many recipes out there, and many traditional ways. You can also make your own apple juice and there are loads of links, groups and organisations to help you. You will find many of their links of our dedicated links page. If you want your organisation to feature there, then just let us know.

But to get you going, here is a simple to follow cider recipe:

  1. Get some apples (there are loads out there)
  2. Wash them
  3. Chip them up
  4. Press them to get the juice
  5. Put all the juice in a barrel (a clean one, plastic or wooden) with a loose fitting lid or an air lock
  6. Leave for a few weeks
  7. Drink

And that is it.

Simple. Now go ceck out some of the links and get experimenting. Of course you could save all the hard work and buy some great cider from The Cider Wagon. Get in touch to find out how!